Able to access only 1 user in TV

I connected MyCloud directly to the TV using a LAN cable. However, the problem is I am able to view only a single User/User ID. Other users aren’t shown. Is there anything I have to do in the settings so that I can see all the Users/USer Id’s?

Assuming you are accessing the DLNA media server, then you need to enable media serving on the other user Shares.

If you’re not accessing the DLNA media server, what means are you using to access the file system?

The My Could is designed to be connected to a router (or switch/hub) on the local network. While one can directly connect it to a computer or TV it is not the recommended method of connection due to the need to configure the IP address of the My Cloud and computer/TV so they are both in the same IP address subnet range.

One cannot use the USB port on the My Cloud to connect to a computer or SmartTV and then access media/data on the My Cloud.

Normally SmartTV’s use DLNA to access the My Cloud media content. DLNA does not support using passwords or user names to access media.

If steaming media from the My Cloud see the following topic for more information.

Also, if you haven’t done so already you may want to read the My Cloud User Manual ( explains how to setup the My Cloud and how to access / configure the various features on the My Cloud.

Thanks for the replies. Sorry for lack of clarity in my question. I did connect the cloud to a router and the TV is also connected to the same router through LAN cable. My TV automatically configured IP Address and I didn’t have much to do apart from connecting the TV to the router. My Tv does have DLNA capability but the Wi-fi dongle isn’t working as such no Wifi-Capability as of now. I am not sure, but I think I am not using DLNA media server. Let me check.

DLNA will work over the LAN cable; it doesn’t need WiFi (if that’s what you were suggesting).

What TV is it? It’s unusual for a TV to support file server access.

I’m assuming you have set the MyCloud up somehow? Via the Dashboard and a web browser?