Ability to set passwords on amule and transmission (and any other future apps)

Please add an ability to set passwords for amule and transmission.  One of the main benefits of having these running on a NAS is being able to queue up downloads when out and about for them to be ready when you get home.  While it is possible to make these accessible via port-forwarding without ability to set a password transmission is open to anyone and amule has some nonspecified default password!  I managed to find a work around to editing the config files to set a password but if either of the apps are restarted or the NAS rebooted the passwords are lost.  What would be really handy is if under configure in the app settings there was a field for entering password.  Transmission seems to store its passwords in plain text so that is easy to implement and aMule requires them in MD5 but again shouldn’t be too difficult to convert a string entered into the password field to MD5 in the config file.  

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Idea submitted for voting.