Aargh ... My Cloud cannot access with iPad

Reinstalled MyCloud app cannot access as it requires email address, the email address I originally setup with was an old freeserve/orange email which no longer exists… as I need to set up with my existing email address… any help would be appreciated…

Hi Fenbee49,

You can update the email address with the new from the dashboard of My Cloud to sign in with updated My Cloud account in My Cloud Mobile app.

This message makes no sense please explain further ?


Hi Fenbee49,

You can update or change your registered email address from the dashboard of My Cloud so that you will be able to register My Cloud Mobile app on your iPad. For more assistance, you can contact WD Support about this.

Hi and thanks … I presume mean the dashboard on a laptop, that’s the problem I only use an iPad there is no facility or dash board to do this … so looks like I’m stuck with an email address for wd cloud I can not change …


Hi Fenbee49,

You can refer below article to access dashboard of your My Cloud device. Then change or update your email account to register or Sign In in My Cloud Mobile app on your iPad.


Yes I still cannot access my wd cloud box … please don’t tell me about using a pc or laptop… I’m try to access it on my iPad Pro
That’s all want to do …
Please can someone help with … have phoned support but they do not seem to understand my accent … Fred in the uk …

I’m just about ready to throw the ■■■■ thing in bin …

For local network access to the My Cloud while connected via WiFi to the same local network as the My Cloud just use a file manager app on your iPad or other mobile device. For remote access to a My Cloud residing in another location one is limited, unless using their own VPN (or other methods of access) to using the WD mobile app or the MyCloud.com web portal.

Remote access using the WD methods seems to be spotty recently with a number of people complaining about being unable to use MyCloud.com in the past couple of days/weeks.