AAC issues in 2nd gen WDTV

In my experience, the AAC codec has some problems in the 2nd gen WDTV: every now and then “clicks” are heard during the vision: it happens with 5.1 encoded audio (as for the WDTV Live for what I saw in several forums). I tried to reduce the screen resolution to 760p but nothing. Is there any solution (apart from re-encoding the audio in another format) to solve this? Or do we have to wait the next firmware, hoping this will be considered as enough important?

Same Problem Come Up Here:


Above noted post not in English.:cry:

For sure WD has someone who speaks/understands italian…

By the way, i noticed there are people who are experiencing the same Proove’s problem with AAC (5.1) audio movies.

Everyone has already installed the latest official firmware 1.01.75

Could someone who still has firmware 1.01.70 (original one) try AAC 5.1 audio? Maybe it’s “just” a collateral effect of the latest firmware…