AAC/FLAC multichannel audio support very buggy (unwatchable) - Also, DVD-Rom data support?

 I’ve tried multiple .MKV files with either AAC or FLAC multichannel audio tracks  and so far I’ve gotten none to play back properly. They either play in 2 channel, play for a few seconds and cut-out, the video stutters at pretty much a standstill (native 24p setting) or doesn’t play at all.

Please investigate and fix this problem ASAP. Needless to say proper audio playback is very important.

Also, I was quite surprised (and dissapointed) to find that the new player doesn’t support DVD/Blu-Ray Rom USB drives. Yes, I know most people use harddrives, but I still like to store my data on DVD-Rom (and the occasional Blu-Ray) and it would be nice to have the ability to read directly off the disk. 

If you feel you have  valid issue, open a trouble call with WD support.

I just did that, thanks. 

But someone posted earlier that they got it to play back both those formats fine, so I just wanted to check that it wasn’t just me. I tried a multitude of files and not a single one I tried was able to playback correctly (both multichannel AAC/FLAC).:frowning:

I don’t believe either of those are supported in MKV, according to the manual. FLAC definitely not. AAC is, but I don’t know about multichannel AAC. 2channel AAC is working fine for me; I have close to 100 MKVs with AAC audio and they all play fine.

Yeah, you’re not gonna find much support for users wanting DVDROM drive support… Given the huge problem with DVD “rot,” I’m surprised anyone would continue using them. I havent burned one in probably 5 years… :slight_smile:

AAC surround in an .MKV wrapper has been standard for years now, the fact it causes the player to choke is not an encouraging prospect. Same goes for surround FLAC- the player pretty much dies for the most part.  I asked earlier if the player could handle them and someone replied with a “yes”, which from my experience is clearly incorrect.

If WD wants to compete with the latest players they are going to need to offer at least these two formats- pretty much everybody else offers them now and they are widely used. I really hope they fix this as I like to rip my own Blu-Rays movie .MKVs with a lossless FLAC multichannel track. I know a lot of people do.

Hi HDGuy1.

Can I ask how you rip your Blu-ray Discs to surround lossless FLAC?  What ripping software are you using for that?

Steve W


There’s a long thread on AVSForum on how to do it there.