AAC and MP4 Audio Sync

Most times when I play a mp4 file with AAC sound I get an audio sync problem.  I am able to fix this by setting the lip sync audio delay to 200ms via options on the media player. 

The media player connects to the TV via HDMI  with the HDMI audio passthrough selected.  I then run an optical cable out from the TV to the amplifier and my speaker system for general video watching.  Even if I were to listen to the audio via the TV Speakers and not from the sound system, it remains OOS.  It improves slightly if I select “Stereo” on the media player.

I set the audio up this way as the TV has a Headphones jack which I use to connect to my analogue wireless headphones. The headphones audio is OOS as well.  Adjusting the lip sync via options fixes both problems, headphones and speaker system audio.

I have a separate setup for the very few times when I want to play a file with a DTS soundtrack.  This setup works directly from the media player to the amplifier via toslink connection.  I need to reset the media player to ‘Optical passthrough’ when using this setup.

Is there a quick work around for my aac audio and mp4 files audio sync problem?

Don’t really know, but always try to have the latest firmware installed in case they fix it.

Thanks for your response.  I always update to the latest firmware as it becomes available.  Right now it is manageable to use the lip sync option.  It works fine.

I have read elsewhere where mp4 and AAC is a problem.

I use Tinwarble’s Mojo Theme and movie sheets.  The audio codec used in the video file I am about to play always shows on the movie sheet so I usually know if there will be a possible problem.  As soon as I see mp4 and aac on the movie sheet I keep my finger on the remote’s “Options” button.