Aaand - It's Gone


I have 3 Passport Drives. 2x 1TB and 1x 2 TB.
1 Died Many Files lost.
Bought 2 more. 1 main to use and 1 to backup main.
Stored years of work files on main as well as thousands of family photos etc.
Main Dies.
Continue using Backup then it fails. Tough to get it to show up and the odd time I can copy 1 or 2 files but it might take up to 15 minutes.
Tried some things in these forums ( before signing up) to no avail.
There is not enough years left in my life to recover these files.
Wife is pissed.
Boss is pissed.
After looking at these forums, apparently I’m not the only one.
I need external drives. Does anybody have any recommendations on what brand to buy?