A WD program for Windows that evaluates a system and recommends BEST WAY to format 3TB+ WD HDDs

A diagnostic program could be downloaded from WDC, like Acronis True Image WD Edition,

which analyzes an existing Windows system and recommends the best way(s) to format

a new 3TB+ HDD, e.g. GPT partitions, MBR partitions with sectors larger than 512 bytes, etc.

It would use some artificial intelligence to query the user about the existing system,

new HDD(s) to be installed, what controller they will be wired to, and so on.

Perhaps a HELP option could also assist the User to understand concepts which

are relatively new to that User e.g. MBR, GPT, variable sector sizing, UEFI, and so on.

And, I don’t know what WDC’s policy is regarding third-party software, but our experiences

with Paritition Wizard have been excellent to date:  http://www.partitionwizard.com/