A very Slow login / Error message unresponsive page


I am trying to login to my new EX4100 device using Chrome , and the login process is very slow . After 30-40 seconds there is a pop message with a quiestion the page is unresponsive (wait or kill).

After several trails the login fails . (after many try and wait it sometime sucess login)

I had the DL4100 before and the Fan stopped working so I got a EX4100 device , and I put the 4 hard drives into the EX4100.

The device works fine , I can see the shared folders and can read and write.

As i wrote , the problem is login using the browser to the WD console manager.

Can someone can help ?



This is not normal, I recommend you to try to log in to the dashboard from different browsers or computers to see if it has the same behavior. If it does, perform a system only restore on your My Cloud EX4100.

Thanks everyone.

I did a full checkup using the WD utility menu, and now it works fine.


Hi Eran and all,

This is exactly the problem I have. Could you tell me more how you fix it?

I have “WD Drive Utilities” on my desktop but when I click on it, a window pops on asking me to “Attach a supported WD drive.”

I have a My Cloud EX2100 NAS so it is not physically connected to my laptop. Could you advise me what to do?