A/V Rated Drives

I have a new Q-see NVR Model number QC8816-8AU-3.It has a Western Digital WD30PURX installed. I have little knowledge of this equipment and have noticed that my NVR will only hold about 8 days of recording with 8 cameras recording. I contacted Q-see and was told that I could upgrade up to a maximum of 24 TB total using 4 separate 6 TB drives. I gave Q-see a description of the model drive I would like to use as WD60PURX. Q-see replied that it will work fine as long as it is A/V rated, whatever that means. I have looked at numerous descriptions of this drive and can’t find any place in the technical specifications that list this drive as A/V rated. Can anyone help.

Also, would the NV Purple work in this application and what is the difference between these two drives?


Hi there Richi :slight_smile: Welcome to our community!

WD Purple and WD Purple NV are drives specifically designed for DVR and NVR storage which makes them great for A/V data storage, recording and streaming. They have all the necessary features to safely record data from NVRs so you should be completely safe using either of the drives.
WD Purple NV drives are designed specifically for Network Video Recorder surveillance systems and are capable of handling more cameras where scalability is needed. They are also backwards compatible so they can be used safely in DVR systems as well. Check out more info here.

I also believe that this article would be an interesting reading for you.

Let me know if you need more information on our WD Purple series drives. :slight_smile:


Hi Captain,

Thank you for the information.

I really don’t know much about this stuff, after all,… I am a machinist.

Through your e-mail, now I know what “NVR” means. Really I am that bad.

I purchased a NVR system for my shop building for a little added security.
The NVR came with a 3 TB Western Digital hard drive. The company told me
that I can install up to 24 TB total using 6 TB hard drives. They also
said they must be A/V rated. I really don’t even know what that means.
After reading your e-mail, apparently they are so I guess I will leave it
at that and just go buy 3 WD 6 TB drives and install them. The company
said that all of the cables and connectors are already inside the cabinet
and basically said just plug everything in and the NVR will somehow know
what I did and it will work fine. I hope they are right.

Again, thanks for your help. If I have trouble I hope you don’t mind me
calling upon you again for help.

Thank you,


You are most welcome! :slight_smile:

If you do need further help do post back here. I’d be happy to help.

It should be pretty straightforward to set up your NVR system. Simply follow your guides and, if needed, contact your manufacturer’s support.



Thank you for being so helpful.



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