A Tube Catcher output for LiveHub

HI from Australia,  Boughty a new WD liveTV hub to replace my JVC media centre, Mostly use it for music, audio and video clips,  I  download clips from you tube via A Tubecatcher and set the output  format to AVI Divx MPEG4. SOme clips play fine (usually the more modern) but others come up with “File type not supported” even tho the file says it is MPEG4  Redaing the forum  it seems it may have soemthing to do with the codecs used.  Can anyone tell me that uses a Tube if there is a  different output  format i should use to ensure they will play on WD ,Thanks in advance.  Great forum for non technichal people like me  Cheers


I download youtube videos also since there’s quite a few videos that are blocked form being streamed by media players like the hub.

So far I haven’t had any problems playing youtube videos without converting them first :slight_smile:

Just use youtube downloader HD and save it as mp4 at the highest quality you can get. No converting necessary.