A true audiophile WD TV?

As I understand, if I post my thoughts on the WD Community, the information may very likely be picked up by the product management / development team, which has inspired this note. I welcome, however, do not require any feedback:

Having served me in its different generations since about 2008, WD TV is no longer my home media streamer, because Another-Company’s-Blu-Ray-Player-in-approximately-WDTV’s-price-range streams now all of my audio, video, and photo files, with about equal or in some ways better performance, and that over Ethernet, and that even from (imagine this) my WDC MyCloud and MyMedia NAS / DLNA server drives. The key difference is: the-Other-Company’s-Blu-Ray-Player device is able to play back and with a rather high quality 24-bit-per-channel audio natively and over coaxial output (i.e. not by quietly down-sampling to 16-bit PCM or by using the DTS design’s backward compatibility). In other words, what I find highly desirable is, 24-bit PCM over coaxial or optical output, as well as DTS-HD MA and Dolby True HD decoding to 24-bit PCM / LPCM to coaxial and optical output, via DLNA from all supported file types and audio and video codecs, many of which now seem to be supported by the Other-Company - virtually the same as WD TV. One may say, the WD TV has lost its audio quality edge. Anyway, I am neither delighted by WDTV’s (even though it has been the best pretty much) nor this Other-Company-Blue-Ray-Player’s over-the-gigabit-Ethernet-performance: why settle for a just OK performance (when a modestly spec’ed Windows laptop is considerably better what any media streamer so far … but I will never want a laptop humming around my audio room) ? <== That was rhetoric

The solution, WDC should develop (like I suggested to WDC a couple of years ago) a true audiophile streamer with high network performance (silent as always with no fan please, and 16- and 24-bit PCM audio never via HDMI but over a coaxial or optical connection) - a son of WD TV in the price range of $400-$500-$600-$700 for this niche market which nobody has filled yet. There is only one exception, a Blu-Ray-Streaming competitor, but I bet WDC can develop a much better networking product, and no need for a Blu-ray drive or a DAC. (As I suggested before) There is no need to put a Digital-to-Analog converter in WDC’s future streamer - audiophiles will already have their their own preferred DAC - do not have audiophiles pay for what they already have, i.e. for a DAC or a Blu-ray drive, unless the DAC is likely to be a very special quality-to-price ratio that audiophiles might likely seek. The absolute best audiophile digital streamer around the $500 range, capable of delivering all the quality from a DLNA server that is normally obtained from Blu-ray disks - such product does not yet exist and WDC has the opportunity to set the streaming standard again.

… and oh yes, please put the “troublesome” Netflix back in, too … now that the price will be around the $500 range :slight_smile:

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So, what is the brand and model of this un-named Blu-ray player you praise? The NSA won’t come after you for disclosing that info! Maybe others would want this player. too. I have often thought a WDTV with a BD player would be nice, but I can accept the opposite; i.e. a BD player with WDTV-like features.

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Status: Acknowledged

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