A simple question

Hi, am putting together another system and have an LSI 9240-8i MegaRAID Controller that I am going to use on a Gigabyte P67A UD7 B3 motherboard that has SATA 6GB/s and SATA 3GB/s ports and have two of another brands 100GB SSD’s, 2 10,000 RPM WD 150GB Raptors (from 2008), and then I just bought 2 WD 1TB Caviar Blacks that are 6GB/s drives.  I will be putting the two SSD’s on the controller card in RAID 0 but it also has another two connections for another set of RAID 0 and so my question would be which set of hard drives should I use for that, the blacks because they are 6GB/s, or the Raptors because they are 10,000RPM to make the best use of the controller card and the drives on hand?  I intend on putting the OS on the SSD’s of course and then whichever set of the drives I will use on the controller card will be for games and then everything else storage but the storage will probably go on yet another software RAID 0 if the board will allow it.

Look, I am disabled and fairly new to building computers but I found that it was one thing that I could do that I got  kick out of but I don’t know everything yet and the 6GB/s drives are fairly new and these are the first two of them that I have purchased.  I realize that my question is probably way to simple for some or I guess all of you since no one has even bothered to look at this thread but could I ask you to stoop way down to my level and help me out?  Thinking about it I would assume that the 6GB/s Caviar Black drives that would be the better of the two sets to put on the controller card bit I’d rather not assume and learn the right way so can anyone help here?

If it were me, I would use the 1 TB drives, just because of the greater space.  IIRC, the Caviar Black 1TB drives run at 7.2k RPM, so it’s really not a huge loss.  If they were an older pair of drives running at say, 5.5k RPM, then I might have doubts.

Regarding getting timely responses from the forum: I don’t think that your question is too “simple,” and you can see from the view count that your original post got 19 views (as of this time).  The reason it probably didn’t get replied to is that it’s a bit tl;dr.  Most people would see that wall of text and run-on sentences, and just find another post to answer.

Also, because this is a forum, don’t expect an instant response. Everybody can’t be online all the time, and the person that might normally reply to your particular issue may have just taken the weekend off.  Also, because it is the weekend, most of the official WD folk aren’t going to be on.  They need a break from work, too.

Finally, please don’t play the pity card when trying to get your post replied to.  Nobody decided against replying to your post because you are handicapped, and drawing attention to that point only makes people even less likely to respond.  You are what you post on the Internet.  Keep that in mind.


  1. Use the Caviar Blacks

  2. KISS

  3. Forums are not instant

  4. You are what you post.  Post wisely.

P.S.: I realize that I am hardly qualified to give the above advice, given that I’ve only been on this forum for a short time.  I get what wisdom I have from spending time on many other forums, and witnessing far less civil discussions.  You may or may not choose to take my advice with a grain of salt.

I am no HDD expert but learned a lot lately because I just bought sata3 HDDS.

If you want your best chance to achieve 6GB/s, connect your SSDs to the 6GB/s raid controller.

Your other HDDs won’t hit it.

If you have quality sata cables they will be fine for sata 3 even if they don’t say sata3.

There is some marketing hype going on.

Check this out.

This is interesting from hardware secrets,

It is important to note that SATA II and SATA-300 are not synonyms. One can build a device that runs only at 150 MB/s but using new features provided by SATA II such as NCQ. This device would be a SATA II device, even though it doesn’t run at 300 MB/s.


Apply this to sata 3 as well.


@ amloessb;  Please accept my apology as you are very right concerning the handicap card.  However the run on sentences and other grammatical mistakes are more due to the handicap than not as I have severe fibromyalgia in which there is a cognitive effect where I can at times forget how a word is written such as “won” or “one” and then my best friends name might excape me not to mention how to write anything the correct way becasue I used to be a very good writer where I now struggle to put anything down to make sense to others.  Then too I am on some very potent medications that sure don’t help me to write eloquently as some might need to be able to respond, not to mention the all over body pain that is a constant 24/7/365 nag on my brain if that makes any sense.  However I am very sorry as to how I came across and need to tell you that I had not used my handicap ever before.  It was just the mood I was in and one heck of alot of pain which of course I know  that is not an good excuse.

Humbly Yours,


@ Sabbath;  Since you are both giving me the right answer (see above @ amloessb) snd you prtobably can’t give two people the “accept as the answer kudos” I will more than likely give it to him/her but you are also telling me the right answer.  However I also read yesterday on another forum where the WD Blacks have something in them turned off so that they won’t readily go into a RAID 0 array which was called TLER or time limited error recovery.   I went to the fellows site that had mentioned that and will more than likely have to do what he did before trying to use the blacks in RAID 0.  At any rate thank you for posting this additional info and sorry for being a whiner.  I hate whiners…  ;O)

Thats ok, the main thing is to help and learn from each other.

I followed that link and the problem on the blacks are as follows according to the post:

. <–”UPDATE” As of October 2009 Western Digital has locked out this feature in their desktop drives such as the Caviar Black.

Black drives are performance drives and RAID 0 makes it better yet.

It appears that issue has been resolved.