A second WDTV in the home?

I just bought my first WD TV and its sitting in our lounge room with the HD Passport attached.

If we want to watch movies in the bedroom do we need to buy a second WDTV? It wil then stream from the original WDTV/ Passport drive via our network correct?

Yes and yes.

With a second SMP you will need to make sure that you give each player a unique device name.

Thanks for the info.

How do I give each player a unique device name?

Just bought a second one :slight_smile: We have a rebate of $50 here on this model :slight_smile:

amnesia wrote:

How do I give each player a unique device name?

In the NETWORK settings.

I’m a little confused by this (I’m easily confused).

If I have a WD plauer in one room in my house, and a second player in another room, both connected to the network where the media is stored, can I change the names to 'WDTV 1 and WDTV 2 and have the media library turned on for both?

Steve W

I am also confused at how to get the second WDTV to see the files. At the moment it says 0 Files. I have joined the network and looked at Shared and can only see my modem and my MacBook but not the 1st WDTV.

I have named my 2nd WDTV with just adding2 at the end of the name.

Any help would greatly be appreciated.

Amnesia…is there still a deal with a $50 rebate? If so , would you mind sharing? Looking for a 2nd as well.

This is for AUstralia only as far as I know.