A Request--Windows Phone--Nevermind!

The My Cloud seems the perfect system for my needs, with just one problem–it lacks support for Windows Phone.  This is the only barrier keepinging me from buying this product.  It’s a wonderful idea and would be really useful for my family, provided this one issue were to be resolved.

Edit:  Nevermind!  I kept seeing reviews saying it wasn’t supported, and the website doesn’t advertise support, but it appears that Windows Phone is indeed supported.


Awesome.  You guys should to a better job adding it to the list of supported platforms, unless I’m misunderstanding something.

The reason why is not listed on the supported devices is, because it does not work with all the windows devices like the windows tablet running RT that does not run java and the WD2go app requieres java.

Mare sure to check all the specifications for your device and confirm that it runs java before you purchase the product.