A Question For Tinwarble

First let me say MANY KUDOS for your great theme work.  I use your mojo 1.12.01 (MS) daily and find it to be a wonderful theme with all the tools I need and a nice clean and basic look and feel.

My question is this … You often recommend theme users stay at the 2.07 FW due to “problems” with all version 3.X FW.  And I wonder why.

I’m using 3.06.07 beta at the moment and previously used 3.05.10 with no moviesheet  problems on either.  Maybe I don’t do some of the fancy  things which may not work as well as they do on 2.07, but for what I need the current FW is fine.

I wouldn’t want anyone to suffer the windows share problems which were finally fixed on 3.05.10 when 2.07 was really flakey on windows share connections.

Bottom line … I would recommend everyone try  the newer FW (especially since 3.05.10 really fixed networking).

Thanks for listening,


I think this will answer your question pretty well…


It comes close to an answer, I guess.  But there is no info concerning any FW above 3.04 so it is very out of date and hasn’t addrssed 3.05.10 much less 3.06.07 (still in beta).  Maybe they should have Tinwarble or joey  looking at these beta releases too.

Well, there are actually many reasons not to use the current firmware.  Mainly I recommend using 2.07 though because Mojo (and Darklight) for that matter were developed to use the .png to .jpg extension change trick to display .pngs with transparency.

But really that is just the icying on the cake.  There is still the issue of Handbrake mkv’s freeze (with latest HB version), Media Library is messed up, scrolling speed and speed scolling is messed up, issues with shares and if I wasn’t so tired I could fill this whole page with other issues.

That you like the newer firmware is great,… for you.  But in my opinion, 2.07 is still the most stable of all the newer releases and this is what I will continue to recommend until I decide that a better firmware version has eventually been released.

However, if you are going to use the latest firmware, then I would suggest porting the SMP version.  Just go to the SMP forum, then download the Mojo zip file, create a folder named Mojo and unzip the file there then copy it to the HUB.

You’ll also need the new coverbox templates in that thread and change all your coverboxes and read the new Thumbgen tutorial.

I also wondering if there is some other variable (or many) effecting the poor video mentioned.  I wonder if these effects are seen using optical and not HDMI, etc.  I’m no expert, but my moviesheets, box art, etc have none of these issues on the latest FW (3.06.07 beta in fact) and I run HDMI straight thru my amp to a zenith plasma.  3.05.10 worked fine too.

I’m not complaining, actually, but somehow the way  I run my system leaves me without the problems refered to in the link you mentioned.  I don’t want to “fix it” so it is " broken"  just like others seem to have, but it leaves me wondering WHY mine could work so well if all the 3.X FW is so bad.


Thanks, Tinwarble, for your anwer.  I don’t use any .MKV files or audio or handbrake so I miss all the troubles seen there.  I still think the repair of windows network shares made it necessary for me to move above 2.07.  I just could’t wake up my network or find any servers on 2.07 without messing around for hours each time.

Thanks again for answering and especially for all the work on themes !!