A question about warranty regions for WD product

Let’s be straight forward and sorry for being so straight that may seems a little rude.

Personally I’m living in China, Asia and I’m looking at a product from WD, WD30PURX

The thing I noticed is that I can get tons of different prices from different resellers online in China
Prices can be found are between 70 USD to 95 USD(most of them are abound 90 USD), and we all know 25 USD is not a small difference when it comes to money.

So I begin to question about the source those resellers gets their product.

Perhaps some of them get’s their WD drive from an authorized company that has some contract with WD company
On the other hand , however , I’m doubting that some of them may get their product from some special way like OEM(although non of them said their WD drive comes from this way) and in that case , I cant get my warranty services.

And there’s maybe some other answer to this question: those resellers bought their drives from other country with a lower price(comparing the price that is in China) and shipped them back to my country by themselves so they can have some benefit from doing this(more income, maybe, etc.)
For this doubting, I want to ask, if my hard drive is bought in another country(whether it’s by myself or it’s by some other person), can I still get warranty services in my country? e.g. if I bought a WD hard drive in US and shipped it back to China for my own use, then some day that drive had to be delivered to repair. Can I still get my access to the warranty ?

(not good in English expression, may allow me to apologize if there’s something hard to understand, I will be really appreciated if someone can help me solving my confusion.)

If you keep a proof of purchase (in case there’s a discrepancy between the ship date warranty and you time of purchase), there is no problem with getting the warranty changed to your region. We do it all the time.

Can I get some help with my drive please? I have tried to RMA it and the system does not let me do so.

Believe that it should not be an issue to switch the warranty region as this has been done before.

Please advise.