A question about the warranty time

Hi, I would like to know an information about HD WD SATA 3,5´ Blue 1TB 7200RPM 64MB Cache SATA 6.0Gb/s - WD10EZEX, it really has 2 YEARS OF WARRANTY in Brazil? Is it true?

Hi there,

Please check the following link, hope this helps:

Hey, how you doing?
I already had check this page before.
I couldn’t find the model in questão (WD10EZEX)
However, thanks for your support.
I need buy a HD, but I am in doubt about the WD, Seagte and Toshiba.
If the WD really have 2 years of the Warranty, I’ll buy it.
But I need to be sure.

It’s nice to meet you.
By the way, I’m from Brazil


According to the link provided by @ArMak this drive (WD10EZEX) ending in EZEX has 2 year warranty in the United States and Latin America.

Hi, You’re right. Thanks for this tip!
I was in such a hurry that I couldn’t find it.
Anyway, it’s good to meet you.