A question about storage with WD LSMP

Hi, I have a Western Digital Live Streaming Media Player, straight out of the box for some time now.

I was wondering if I were to connect a 3TB Western Digital Elements Desktop USB 2.0 from here…

or a 4TB Western Digital My Book USB 3.0 from here…

would I have any problem viewing and playing the entire 3TB or 4TB worth of video media on my Western Digital Live Streaming Media Player? The files would be 95% .mkv and 5% .vob.

I currently play the above movie files from my 2TB Western Digital Elements Desktop USB 2.0 on my Western Digital Live Streaming Media Player without any problems, though I do have concerns if there’s a file size limitation for this media player and I’ve never used the My Book range before, but I am in need of much greater storage now.

there shouldn’t be any issues,

but then I don’t have a 4TB drive

you can also check the compatabiltiy list and see if the drive is listed

DO NOT , Looked at my post 1 day ago regarding

3TB WD Element is not recognized by WD TV Live streaming as well WD TV Live HD Media.

I am still waiting any response from WD Support


Thanks for the response, Kad79, but the 4TB Western Digital My Book Essential range came out after, so there’s nothing about compatibilities on the WD LSMP, which is why I was hoping someone would have an answer.

Serious thanks, bachphi for showing me your current problem. I’ll be sure to follow it.

I hope a Western Digital worker or someone can clear this up for me, as I am needing a whole lot more storage very soon and would rather pile it onto one 3TB-4TB than multiple 2TBs…

I know my status is new here, though I have been following this thread since it’s been made, so nobody will be ignored.