A question abaout WD TV power/capability

Hello, everyone!

I have a question to all WD TV HD/Live owners and users. And the question is… Is this player capable of playing 40+ Mbps bitrate material (for example, movie rips in .mkv or clean BlueRay copies, when it takes 40+ GB per movie) without any jerkings, freezes, chrashes and other problems? I would be using MyPassport HDD as a media source.

Thank you for your answers!

P.S. I’m sorry for possible mistakes in my English. I hope you got the point! :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forums.

It’s *extremely* unlikely you’ll have that high a bitrate – while blu-ray has theoretical maximums that allow it to even exceed that, in practice it’s almost unheard of for any M2TS file to go much over 27Mbps (which the Live can handle just fine as long as it’s a local USB drive).

Even Avatar is only around 30Mbps at the max (and plays just fine on a local drive – you won’t be able to play that rate wirelessly and even wired will have issues with raw M2TS files over the network).

Thank you,  mkelley :slight_smile:

And… One more question to help me choose which one - HD or Live to buy:

I don’t actually need a network connection ability (have MyPassport, and don’t want my computer to be turned on while I am watching a movie), so I wanted to know if  WD TV HD and WD TV Live (or Live Plus) have the same processors? Do their performance is equal (or similar), or maybe Live version is faster?

Thank you in advance

It sounds stupid, but I am *completely* ignorant about the WD HD – and in fact you might find that to be true of most around here.  You might have better luck posting on the HD forum.

Is there that much of a price difference?  Because while you say you don’t need network capability, those sorts of things have a way of turning into a “oops, should have gotten one with that ability” (like when you run out of drive space and want to use an NAS).