A problem with my passport

Hello to all my friends I have a external hard disk : My passport P/N: WDBACY5000ABL-01 When the USB cable connected to my computer the program “WD Unlocker” run. When I enter the password,drive unlock well. but my driver files not open. my driver files Is shown but Is not open and when I click on the driver to open I see the following message: You need to format the disk in drive before you can use it. do you want to format it? I have very important files on my hard drive & I do not like the format plz help me

I think you need to reach WD directly for this issue…


Is there a better solution?

Please help me

It looks like the data is corrupted.  To have the data back you will need to use a data recovery software, like Testdisk or Recuva, then reformat the drive.