A possible solution to Netflix Queue Unavailable on Live+

Couple of weeks ago, I went on a tirade here when Netflix gave me the message that Queue Unavailable on my Live+ unit.  I had to deactivate, go to default setting, then activate again.

This has not happened again.  What is the thing I am doing differently?  ALWAYS before going to Netflix, I go to Settings, Network Settings, and under Network Favorites, I do a Connect to the default network.  Then I go to Netflix.  I noticed that Netflix never failed after that.

I may be wrong and it may be a sheer coincedence, but it never hurts to do that anyway.

It you do that and you still run into this Netflix issue, do not blame me because I am certain you have a haunted house.  Get a ghost buster :smiley:

Thats how superstitions start. However you may be correct.

where is network favorites?? I went to network settings and i do not see it.


doubolplay1 wrote:

where is network favorites?? I went to network settings and i do not see it.


Sorry, I meant WIRELESS Favourites.  Go there, choose your wireless connection and connect to it from the same screen.

If you have an ethernet cable and you are getting Netflix errors - a ghost buster will not help - you’ll need an exorcist :smiley:

With wireless I noticed following.  I turn Plus unit on and go to Mediafly which I use heavily.  From time to time, I get ‘Mediafly Service Unavailable.’  I click OK and connect again, and it connects fine.  In the case of mediafly or Youtube, the system recovers from some network glitch (wireless has not established connection for example).  With Netflix, it does not.  Apparently Netflix is writing some flag or checking on something.  Something bad happens and the WD system is not resetting properly.

To give a comparison:  Imagine some windows program where you are working on a file.  You click SAVE and some glitch happens and the program writes a corrupt copy.  You close program, you open it again, and program tries to read the corrupt file as the FIRST thing.  Program can not read its own corrupt file and refuses to do anything else.  This is the equivalent of what is happening with Netflix on Plus unit when something goes bad.  WD Plus is not synching properly with Netflix procesures.  Reason, I think, is a WD programmer who is not following procedures and/or not bright enough to see through the process.  I am in IT - have seen enough of such programmers.