A noob asks about his NAS & WDTV Live

Hi all, frequent reader, first-time poster. Here’s the deal:

I have a zyxel nas with lots of hd mp4s, all with tags, thumbnails, subtitles, chapters, etc. hardwired to router.

I just got a 3rd gen wdtv live yesterday. I have it hardwired to my router as well. It sees the content of the nas and plays it beautifully, but there are no tags, no subtitles. I can select different chapters if i hit OPTION and select the chapter manually, but i can’t hit the NEXT button to simply skip to the next chapter.

Oh, and also, not all the thumbnails show up. No obvious correlation between the thumbnails that show or the thumbnails that don’t.

Oh, and also, page 63 of the manual says that there’s a GET CONTENT INFO option, but that option doean’t show up on any of my media.

What am i doing wrong? How can i get all the functionality out of my media’s metadata? Is it a file format issue?

You must be in Media Library view with thumbnail highlighted for the item you want to GET CONTENT INFO

Thanks braumeister, that should take care of the GET CONTENT INFO problem. Fwiw, apparently the network share on my nas has read-only protection, which is what’s preventing that particular functionality. Now i have to go scower the 500-page nas manual to figure out ow to change that. (yippee)

Anybody have any ideas about the other issues i brought up?

More information:

I ripped a br to mkv (with English subs and chapters baked into the file) using handbrake, then put that on the nas.  The WDTV Live recognized and played the mkv, as well as the English subs!  So that’s nice.

Still couldn’t skip to the next chapter without hitting OPTIONS and scrolling through the Chapter Select list.  So that’s still an issue.

Also, the thumbnail (which I put in the mkv’s tags using MetaX) didn’t show up.

Ideas, anyone?

Ok, after fixing my nas issues, i now have the proper folders in MY MEDIA LIBRARY, and the thumbnails & tags work very nicely. However, i still can’t get the subs to work on the mp4s, and i can’t skip chapters without scrolling through the chapter list. Any ideas?

Sure, you can ask WD why they think having to press OPTIONS is a userfriendly way to handle chapters. And what subs for mp4?

i find i can only skip chapters if i push fast forward first, otherwise it skips to the next file on drive.

All my MP4 movies have srt subtitles baked into them (ripped with handbrake). The WDTV Live doesn’t let me select them. If i rip an MKV with srt subs baked in, i can select the subs with no problem. Just wondering how i can get the mp4 subs to work.

I don’t use Handbrake, can you upload a short demo clip to Sendspace or something?