A Mail Server for the My Cloud would be great


it would be great to have a mail server installed on the My Cloud like other nas vendors support. The Mail Server should support sending and reciving messages with ssl.

The reason I have bought the My Cloud is to be independent storing my data in the cloud. This would be an additional step and a lot more secure.




Idea submitted for voting.


One ofthese would be good, zarafa looks like a great outlook-centric solution although i havent tested it.

All of these support activesync according to the wiki so can sync calendars and contacts as well as handle mails, which i see as essential mail server functionality :slight_smile:

axigen - proprietary - free mail server and calendar for 5 users - v good
communigate pro - proprietary - free for 5 users community edition. v.good.

kolab - open source - not really investigated yet
bluemind - open source ,looks pretty good - outlook and tbird calendar & contact sync as well

zarafa - v.g ood - free for 3 users - looks just like outlook in web edition. Public folders the works.

Hello Trancer, a mail server would be a really great idea, to read the messages on all devices. In the most cases I use imap accounts but for example I have 2 pop accounts, which I take per Mercury Mail Server to my Computer, then I have created an imap account in my thunderbird to connect to this mercury account - so I have this 2 mail accounts in one and can connect per mobile phone, laptop and tablet.
It would be great if I could switch the computer off and could call this mail accounts with my new Ex2 ultra. But I think it is not possible at this moment.
Can you please put this feature to your todo list to give it to us in future releases of the wd software? I think more people would be happy to have this, I read other nas have it already.

will it be released? when?