A little theme design help.. please

Just fixing together a new front end. Im trying to display the clock on the main screens, ie movie, photo, services etc. Ive included the inc_time.xml, and edited it to where i wish the time to be positioned. Now when i make the selection of video, or photos etc and enter ther sub menu i wish the time NOT to be displayed. and it still is… any ideas…

thanks in advance.

All Mochi Default Xml’s for Video, Music and Photo Views have the code …

<include filename="./decoration.xml"/>

open  decoration.xml    … and you will see what you wish to remove.

<?xml version="1.0"?>                    
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i did actually look at the  decoration.xml. but didnt find any mention of the  inc_time.xml…  just checked again,   there it was… and it sorted my problem… thanks for that.

think ive gone crossed eyed, been looking through xmls all morning trying to find it. :smileyvery-happy:

No Problems.

A Friendly  Suggestion…

 All of these Home Screen Modifications would be be Great if they were all in the Same Thread.

That way, Forum Members could find a wealth of Choices to try out … all contained in a Single Thread.

Otherwise, eventually they will become scattered everywhere across the Forum.

Just Keep adding to the Same Thread Announcing a New Menu Mod … And it will go straight to the top of Latest Threads.

i didnt think of that… i was thinking of concentrating on a full theme, but my concentration span lasts about 5 minutes lol… but will post any new ideas in the last  post i made… thanks for that. :smiley: