A little help please

Hi, sorry to barge in on your forum, but Im hoping one of you may be able to help me… 

I have just bought a new macbook and am looking through stuff to clear from my drawer from my old ibook.

I have come across a factory sealed WD500BPVY- 00HXZT3 WD Blue hard drive that I am now going to sell on Ebay.

I bought it twice inadvertantly, and the one I did use was fantastic, and lasted me with tons more space and speed right up until my faithful ibooks logic board went down a month ago.

Here’s the query though…

My hard drive doesnt say Caviar or Scorpio, merely ‘WD blue’.

Is this the same spec as the Scorpio please?

I wouldnt want to give the wrong specs to an unsuspacting buyer!

Thank you very much for any help.

Best wishes


This is the hard drive, it it helps any?

Hi yes WD just went to calling the drive’s blue,green,black so it is the same.

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