A little change for music lovers! (UPDATED 2/19/11)

Here’s a little change I made to make the Coverart larger when playing music.  Try it and let me know if you like it.

Just read the ReadMe file on how to install it.  It should work with any theme that you are using.

Download:  LINK


UPDATE:  This has been updated now to fix the “View Info” metadata from overlapping the Coverart, also adds back the Coverart next to the Album name.

UPDATE 2/19/11:  This will now show Larger Album Cover for music being played using playlist.  Album Cover will change to be what ever Album is being played.

Music Thumbnails: This is for larger Music Thumbnails.  This stlll gives you 12 icons per page, but with much larger Cover Art.  This is mainly for the Anodized theme, basically because that is what the new icons are for, although if you modify the icons it should work for any theme or you can just use the icons I’ve made, but it will not match any other theme.  Anyway, give it try and let me know if you like it.

Here’s a render of how each thumbnail looks.  Or check it out HERE.

Music Thumbnail render.jpg


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how about a screen shot 1st

THIS is about as good of a pic as I can get you. 

looks nice i am gonna try it out. thank you


Nice work Tinwarble!

Dang, you beat me to it :slight_smile: I had been working on some changes for the music player too, but haven’t been home the lasts weeks, so couldn’t test my work. Expect some friendly competition in a week or so :-)))

Have to find a place to upload to, though. Any recommendations?

Try mediafire.com, you can do some free uploading here, I forget how much space you have for free though, but I think that it’s a few 100Mb, enough to upload Themes.

And competition is good, really I’ve been working on a new theme, but I keep running into a few snags, mostly things that seem to be inherent to the HUB or things which aren’t listed in the theme (icons & xmls which are included in the Mochi version included in the firmware, but not in the Legacy theme or the Mochi theme in the GPL).  So right now I just doing some mini-themeing.

If you need or want to use my xml in yours, you’re welcome too.  If you make a new lightbar though, just remember to make it 814x54 for my xml.  You should also know that the xml also includes the line to include the Artist name (which is in the original xml) but there seems to be a bug so it doesn’t get displayed.

Thx for the Mediafire tip, I’ll try that one.

FYI: If you’re missing files from the original Mochi theme, it might be good to know that you can extract ALL theme files from the firmware update file. I’ve done that, but it took some effort to find out how to. I think it will be considered a violation of some copyright law to post these extracted files anywhere, so I won’t do that, but if needed, I think it’s ok if I’ll post a “How to” here. You’ll need a computer with Linux installed to do this, and some linux skills or the will to learn these. I’m a rather novice to Linux, and managed to do eventually, so I guess it’s not that hard to do.

I know about the weird behaviour of the artist variable. The devs should really use it for the artist’s name ONLY in a future firmware release. Be warned with the use of @@album_name too: it’s “All Tracks” in all tracks and artist mode; playlist name in playlist mode; blank in favorite mode; ok in album, genre and folder mode.

BTW, I don’t find @@album_cover that useful, as it holds the album cover of the 1st song in the selection, very confusing when songs from different albums are selected.

@@album_icon is much more interesting, as it display the cover of the song being played :slight_smile:

Keep up the good work!

I’m not sure about it being a violation of any copyright, since it is already in the GPL (or is suppose to be).  But my only problem right now anyway is trying to find the black background icon on the main screen that’s behind the focused icon.  If you find it, I just need the name of that icon and dimensions.

I did at first use the @@album_icon, but it only shows up when you play music, so that’s why I used the @@album_cover for the larger icon.

But I’m looking into using both, just overlaying the @@album_icon over the @@album_cover, this might be the best of both worlds.  I just haven’t had time to try it yet because I’ve been working on changing some things in the Movie Gallery view.  I’m about ready to post my new xmls for that which fixes the issue of the folder icons not appearing in the metadata plane (this is just a bandade really until it’s fixed in the firmware, but it works pretty well).

I also made some changes to get rid of the dashboard, filter, etc. icons to gain some space, moved all the metadata to gain some space and made the focused icons much larger.  So keep an eye out if your interested in giving it a go, I’ll try to post later tonight.

Let me know when you get something done, I’d like to see what you have.

you can not erase the black square, because if you delete you will see both at once


HellI3ond wrote:

you can not erase the black square, because if you delete you will see both at once


First, how do you know?  Second, both what, the main_f & main_n icons ? Third, that can be fixed by editing the xml.

If you know that it does this then what is the name of the icon or xml associated with it.  Even if for some reason it can’t be completly made transparent, then there should still be no reason why it can’t be altered, which will suit my needs.

Quote:"…my only problem right now anyway is trying to find the black background icon on the main screen that’s behind the focused icon. If you find it, I just need the name of that icon and dimensions…"

I’m not sure which black background you are referring to. What I call the main screen, is the one you see after a fresh start of the hub, the one with the large buttons (Setup, Video, Music, etc.) and fake dashboard bar on the bottom and weather and time in the upper right corner. The only black backgrounds are behind the weather and time.

If you mean the screen where you have enlarged the album art, then there are default icons behind both album art images.

As I’m not home yet, I have to do this from memory, but I have the theme files on my laptop, so I could take a look in the code.

BTW not having the Hub to play with, has made me think about a way to view theme graphics, without the need to upload them to the Hub to test it. I’ve started on something that lets me open a theme xml-file and view the graphics in a browser window. It’s using an xsl-transformation and might need some javascript. It’s development is a very early stage, and this is all very new to me, so I have to experiment and learn a lot. Do you have experience with these techniques?

Can’t wait to get back home and get some work done on Hub stuff I was working on :slight_smile:

Just remembered something: maybe you do speak of the raised buttons in the main menu. Could be you have been experimenting with transparency there. If you do, the transparent parts in the image become black.

I don’t think there’s a black image behind the focused button, but no support for transparency. Could be it’s done because of the up movement. To do that smoothly AND using transparency is maybe just a little too much for the Hub.

I’s love to be proven wrong here, as it would allow us to use non-square buttons. AFAIK the only way to do that is to use a black background with at least the same height as the focused button.

The black background that I’m refering to is the one on the MAIN (Home screen) where it says Video, Music, Files, etc…

Behing the main_f icon, which would be the selected or focused icon (ie: when you scoll to the VIDEO icon), there is a black background icon.   If you were to make the icon “main_videos_icon_f” transparent, you would just see a black background. That is the the icon I’m looking for, one of the themes I’m working on has rounded corners on the top, but because of the background I have rounded edges with black squared edges behind the icons.

If you are working on a sort of theme simulator, then that would be great.  I’d like to help, but I probably have less experience than you do, most of my stuff is just learn as I go.  But you might want to get with some of the others here who seem to have more experience with javascript.  If run into a problem and you can’t get anyone to help though, just let me know and I’ll see what I can do, I can usually figure things out if I have a little time to work on it.

Keep me up to date, I’d like to know how your doing with it.

Have our last posts crossed here?


LOL, making buttons with rounded corners: that’s EXACTLY what I did too :slight_smile: Looks kinda ugly in black, haha.

Please let me know if you find out it can be done!

Edit: I’ve gone through all image files I extracted from the firmware, with a width of 320px. Didn’t find any black images in that size.

Have square eyes now, it’s night here, cya later.

Edit2: BTW: you can change the color of the large text (e.g. Setup, Video,…) of these buttons, with a textcolor statement.

RV_Home ??? for text color an sizetext???

HellI3ond wrote:

RV_Home ??? for text color an sizetext???

Are you asking a questtion?


how to change the color on the text please main_menu ? :slight_smile: