A list of firmware fixes

I never join forums nor do I ever post on forums, because I usually find the software developers know where the bugs are and how to fix them, and do so in following firmware releases with additional features. However in this case the WDTV firmware team is not doing such a good job. Therefore I feel as if it is my duty to comment on this situation, as I currently use many, western digital products in my house, and by many I mean: 3 x my book drives, 2 passport drives, all laptops in my house have swapped drives to WD, 4 WDTV lives, 1 for each of my TV’s and who knows how many people I have convinced to purchase WD products over the years. The following is a list of only 3 things my friends and I would like resolved and I think we speak for a large portion of the WDTV community. 

  1. COVER ART - When using network shares we do not want to see the cover arts images

  2. When the keyboard is displayed we should have the option to use the number pad on the remote to display the characters. (face it, most people have universal remotes and do use the wdtv remote)

  3. Support for larger drives than 2TB. If you make larger drives, then you should support the larger drives you make … Simple!

If anyone else in the community feels the same way, I urge you to comment as well !!

Thank-you for attention

Emilio a loyal Western Digital-ER

1-   Agreed.

2-   Numbers on the remote?   Where??

3-   That was there before, but the GPT partition drivers were screwed up, so they temporarily disabled it.   It will be back…


But being new to this forum, you probably don’t realise that they just don’t seem to fix the obvious - they are too concerned with adding on facebook and other completely unnecessary features that we didn’t buy the unit for.

If you look back, one of my first posts on this forum - roughly last year - was singing the praises of the WDTV Live while others seemed disappointed…I have since joined the other camp

It’s utterly bizarre that they haven’t fixed some of the seemingly small problems. Perhaps, they aren’t all that easy to fix, but if someone from WD came on and said that, it would satisfy a whole lot of people.