A happy customer. :)

  This is my first post on this excellent forum. After reading here for a few days I purchased a MyCloud 2gb yesterday. I expected to have all sorts of issues as reported here but, I have to say, so far, with the latest firmware installed, everything has worked just fine out of the box (BT HomeHub 4) and I couldn’t be more pleased :slight_smile: .

  The only minor issue I am experiencing is the name…my Mrs. has decided that it is her cloud not MyCloud :(  .


I liked your comment about the name.  HerCloud!  LOL

What you read in the forums for any product has to be taken with a grain of salt.  Most people are posting because of some issue they are having specific to their setup, while the vast majority are happy with the product and never visit the forums, let alone comment in it.

For the most part I am happy with my EX2.  I visit the forums to learn about potential issues, and to offer help where I can.

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I am very happy with my My Cloud (4TB) too. I have had mine for several months now without any problems. Firmware updates and app updates etc. have downloaded and installed without any problems. My, My Cloud stays connected and goes into HDD sleep.


WD Smartware has worked well, only exception was a few days ago on a couple of occasions it asked me to sign up for the Pro version again. That appears to have been corrected.


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We need more DrewBurtons in here.


I have to agree with the other posters in this thread. I’m completely happy with “MyCloud”.

IMO most issues reported here are people trying things that were never intended uses for this device or PEBCAK.

yeh, so far it has been doom and gloom. I had my drive 4 weeks ago. setup and configured since day 1 and never touched again. it is sitting in the corner doing what is supposed to do. 2 days ago i attached 3TB usb 3.0 usb drive to backup mycloud and very happy with the results. I believe if you have expectations you should research the product before parting with your money.

It is not perfect, nothing is. We would like more features, but these are features and there is a forum for ideas exchange. Some will argue that it will never be implemented. Well you will never know. So far WD has been good with me and answered all my questions. They may be slow but they will answer.
put me down as happy :slight_smile: