A Handy Tool for Modifying Themes

I dont know if this has been already been mentioned, but this is a very handy tool to assist in modifying themes.

Basically, it lets you search multiple files (in this case, *.xml’s) for instances of text,phrases,code etc.

It installs as a ‘shell extension in Windows’ so you just 'right click… PRGrep.

eg. I want to find where the png graphic file “setup_logo.png” is referenced in all the wdtv live hub xml files.

Here is the search results:


Note: this program does not support right click paste on the mouse… copy the filename and in the “Containing” field hold CTRL+V  to paste it … then hit “Enter” button on your keyboard.


This has been an invaluable tool in my latest work in modifiying setup/settings xmls.

(Have been using it for a few years now)

P.S. It’s Freeware :slight_smile:


Much appreciate the share, thanks

Thank you this is a time saver