A few things I've noticed


I received a WD TV Live for Christmas, and overall I am very happy with it. There are jsut a few things that I can’t seem to do, and I’m not sure if I am doing something wrong, or if there is no support for what I am trying to do…

* Load External Audio File - I downloaded a movie, but low and behold it has a Russian audio track. I downloaded the English audio track, but my media player will not let me load it in the audio settings when I play the movie. Is there a way to load external audio files or shoudl I find another release, or dare to try and stick the track into the video?

* The way I organize my music, is by band, then album, so some of my music folders have multiple folders inside them. But I cannot seem to “play” a folder (and thus, all audio tracks inside, including sub folders). On my PC, when I want to listen to everything by a singl eband, I just right click the folder and “play in winamp” but it seems that the Live cannot do that (yet)?

* I have a tv show I downloaded, it is in an MKV container, and it refusing to sync properly. Sometimes the audio freezes and the video speeds up, then the video freezes and the audio plays. It does this for every episode, and is unfortunate because I want to watch it on my tv. It works fine on my computer, though… I find this bezarre because every other MKV (presumably h.264) Ihave works, but this tv show refuses…

If anyone would be able to help me resolve these issues, or at least confirm support issues, that would be great!



Also, is it possible to plug an external dvd rom into the usb slot to play dvds?