A few questions

Western Digital TV HD 1080P Media Player

Hi I have a few questions I hope people can answer/help. Thanks

Q1. When I go to photos on my media player it’s picking up my movie folders as I have jpeg ‘sin there for my thumbnails. Is there a way to stop this I just want it to pick the one folder I have created called photos which I created on my hard drive?

Q2.How do I create a thumbnail for my photos is it the same as the thumbnails for the videos and you call it folder

Q.3. what is the best and supported resolutions for the thumbnails for videos?

Q.4 when you first turn on your media player it comes up with a picture of the USB port your using (USB 1 or USB2) depending on what port you have connected your hard drive to. Can you change that picture (thumbnail)? I doubt you can but thought I would ask

  1. no there’s no way to stop this, WD just didn’t think it through

  2. yes same as video ie. .jpg for the photo and folder.jpg for the folder

  3. 120x180 (WxH) for videos and 140x140 for photos/music

  4. only possible if you use the WDLXTV homebrew firmware

Thanks Mr_Lazy

I don’t have the live player I have the Western Digital TV HD 1080P Media Player. Does that firmware support that player I thought it was only for the live version?

Also can I revert back to the original firmware after if I wanted or am I stuck with WDLXTV homebrew firmware?

there are different versions for gen1, gen2 and live





yes you can revert

am i right in saying 1080I is gen 1 and 1080p is gen 2. I just want to make sure i have the gen 2?


not sure what you mean by “1080I” and “1080p” they are not the model names, both g1 and g2 do 1080p video.

Anyway you need to go by the model numbers see: