A Few Questions Regarding The Live Hub

  1. What features does the Live Hub have over the Live Plus other than the 1 TB of storage?

  2. Since it has a built in hard drive is the device loud? I heard somewhere that it might be a little noisy. Is there any truth to that and how loud is it?

  3. Since the 1TB of storage is built in how would you transfer files from your PC to the hub? Can it be done via a USB cable, or can you only transfer over a network?

  4. Can the hard drive be formatted and is it safe to format it?

  5. Has the subtitle support improved at all with this device?

  6. I heard something about themes and  movie sheets. What exactly is a movie sheet and are themes and movie sheets difficult to set up?

  1.  The use of XML is a big plus…

  2.  No.

  3.  You can copy from a USB device or via the network, but you CANNOT hook it up to the PC via USB.

  4.  Yes.  The UI provides a way to do it.

  5.  Don’t know.

  6.  Movie sheets provide an overview of the media on-screen;  the Director / Cast / Rating / Synopsis of Plot, etc.   Again, this function is built-in to the Hub’s software.   Click a few buttons to create a movie sheet.