A Few Questions/Concerns With My WD Live Plus

  1. Whenever I try to delete a file in the file management settings it doesn’t do anything. When I click on back to cancel the deletion and go back to the file management settings the file is no longer there (so it did delete), but there is never any conformation that the file was actually deleted.

  2. By default it’s set at 1080i HD@60Hz. Should I leave that set to HDMI auto, or would it be better to choose 1080p 60Hz? If I should select 1080p do I choose Auto, RGB High, RGB Low, or YCbCr?

  3. I used to use gen1 of the regular WD TV and I would notice that for some reason my TV would shut down for a second and then power back on. It never happened when I was playing a video and it would only happen a few times a day, so I didn’t mind it, but now that I got my WD Live Plus I’ve noticed it happening a lot more. It keeps on restarting every few minutes to the point where it’s starting to ■■■■ me off (doesn’t happen if I’m playing videos though). My TV is a Elememt Electronics if that helps. I just want to know if it’s a common problem, or if it’s just my TV.

  4. If I turn on autoplay does it automatically play the first video in all videos, or can I select which video(s) I want it to play?

  1.    It depends.   Is 1080i the correct setting for your TV?     Choose AUTO for your Color Space.

  2.    It’s your TV.    There is NO possible reason a TV should “Reboot” when connected to an HDMI device; even a malfunctioning one should NOT cause your TV to reset.