A few questions befoer I buy

I have a WD TV LIve right now and I love the video quality but the sound is lacking and the interface is also. So here are some thign I wanted to know if the Hub will fix. I am watching almost exlusvley MKV files with either DTS or AC3.

#1: My live is attached to my tv via HDMI. I have an Toslink cable going to my 7.1 receiver which has no HDMI inputs. Right now, if I want to watch movies in surround I have to fumble thorugh the menu and switch stereo to digital. THis is a very lenghty process and the downside is that I get no sound from the TV while in digital mode. So I have have to switch it back to setero if I want to watch a movie laer and get sound from the TV

So does the HUB fix this? i.e. does it desramble or whatever DTS and AC3 audio so that I don’t have to mess with options?

Example: I am watching a movie listening through TV. I decide I would like it in 5.1, so I turn on my recevier. Would I need to do anyhting else like I do with the live, or not?

#2: how long does the hub take to connect to my netqwork. I am currently hooked up to my PC via ethernet (yes odd, but it workes). with the latest live firmware, the live only takes about 25 seconds to connect. How about the hub?

#3: how is the functionality of fast forward/rewind and next chapter/previous chapter. Any better than the live? same with pause resume which is luggish with the live.

#4: How is the reaction time scrolling through menus? With the live it is very sluggish.


No.  Audio works the same as the Live / Live+ in that regard…  The signal sent down HDMI is the same signal sent down S/PDIF, for most audio types.   For others, there’s NOTHING sent down S/PDIF because there’s not enough bandwidth on it (like Dolby True HD)

The Hub  is always awake, so the network is always up unless you put it in a HARD POWER DOWN state.  If your sharing PC isn’t up when the Hub is initialized, it’s not going to work.   The Hub looks for servers ONCE on Boot-Up, and never again.