A few Questions about the Hub

Hello everyone, I am leaning toward buying a Live Hub but have a couple questions and was hoping those of you with experience using it could help me out

  1. I want to be able to use moviesheets with linksheets(Would like to use the Black Mamba theme), I currently have about 550 movies and close to 3500 TV episodes. Will the hub’s hardware be able to handle this amount of movie sheets without starting to lag or freeze up? Also will I be able to add many more movies and TV episodes without any problems.

  2. Can the Live Hub recognize external USB drives connected via a USB Hub?

Thanx for any help!!!

  1. I use the BM linksheet theme and have no problems with a similar amount of video as you are looking to use. I have not had any issues with the linksheets coming up, or the HUB lagging or freezing. As my video is all on network servers, the linksheets actually come up faster than the cover jpegs often.

  2. Though I have not tried it, several threads on this board have people successfully using USB hubs with multiple drives connected to their WD Live HUBs. I believe that ability was added in a recent FW. WD’s list of compatible devices does list some powered USB hubs, though they have only tested two so far, both from Belkin. The note below does say though “Most powered USB hubs will work with the WD TV Live Hub Media Center (running the latest firmware).” That list was updated last Friday.

You can check the link below, but perhaps someone here with experience using multiple drives on a USB hub will post their results. 

List of compatible devices for the WD TV Live Hub Media Center and WD TV Live Streaming Media Player