A few questions about Raid 1

Hi all,

I use my wd live hub duo 4tb almost six months now. I use it as a backup and to share media. Also my iTunes library is on it. Now I m in raid 0 mode. I used 43% of the disk space. 

Can I switch to raid 1 without losinG my data? Will this slow down the system and the sharing of media? My shared video and music folders are used quite excessively. Will it always make a mirror of all the data automatically or can you choose when or wich files should be mirrored on raid1?

Thanks for help and tips. 

At 43% full, it May be too full, but I doubt it. though it shouldn’t delete any of your data, the instructions do recommend a backup before you begin.  It will take 24-36 hours or so to do the rebuild.  Yes, it will slow the box down, and if you use it while it’s rebuilding, it will also slow the rebuild process down.

A RAID1 is a DISK mirror, not a FILE mirror.  So you cannot choose which files are mirrored.  The whole disk is basically duplicated to the other.