A Few questions about 4TB My Book Essential

New to the forums so forgive my noobiness…

After spending 20 solid minutes searching for an answer I couldnt believe I couldnt find it!

What is the drive speed of the My Book Essentials 4TB"  5700 or 7200 RPM

I currently use a 3TB Elements drive connected to my PC, I believe this is 7200RPM, its a solid and reliable workhorse but unfortunatley I now need 4TB and the Elements range doesnt do one :frowning:  My drive is used for everyday stuff, constantly adding Music and Video files onto it, and accessing it to burn DVDs etc…

My second question is, would a My Book Essential operate basically the same way with same speeds, wake up times etc as my old faithfull Elements? I see it pushed towards the backup only market…

Any advise, issues, answers greatly appreciated

:slight_smile: Nick 

To my understanding that information is not disclosed by WD because the internal drive on the my book might vary depending on availability.