A few observations

Just got my WD TV Hub - LOVE IT! 1) Streams my files beautifully from my internal and external hard drives while attached to my pc. I was very pleased that it worked with my 2 TB hard drives. 2) Netflix is AWESOME. Works great. 3) Youtube works, but not all my playlists show up. I did just see that issue was addressed in the latest firmware. 4) The networking works very well - love being able to use the internal drive on the WD TV as a mapped drive on my pc. Transfers a little slow, but it works. 5) The remote is outstanding as well. Very easy to use. 6) I’m just STOKED that this unit will play the DVD menus!! I can finally back up my TV shows on dvd and watch them as .iso’s. THANKS WD! A couple questions: 1) Not that really matters, but I’m surprised it doesn’t play .flv files. I can easily convert the ones I have, but it plays nearly every other file. Why not .flv’s? 2) I’m scared out of my mind to upgrade the firmware. I’m on 2.01.05 (that’s how it was shipped). I’ve read the firmware forums and there seems to be a lot of negativity and issues with the upgraded firmware. Any advice, especially from those that are leary? What is the best firmware version? 3) Networking question - I share out my 2 TB external from my pc, which has all my TV show .iso files. I periodically rip my dvds to this drive. It seems the only way to get the WD TV HUB to recognize my changes is to actually power down and unplug the unit. Replugging it in forces some sort of refresh. Is there any way to get this refresh without powering the unit down? 4) I haven’t played around too much with the remote, as far as the shortcut buttons. Is it relatively easy to program? I’d like to make one of the shortcuts open up Netflix directly. Is that possible? 5) I use dvd art for both my folders and iso files. Is there any way to display the photos larger? Thanks very much!!

i can speak to the firmware upgrades.  I’ve done both of the newer ones with no issues.  Most people that take the time to post on a small firmware update are the few that had problems with it.  I’ve noticed since the firmware updates i can transfer files from my PC to the Hub much faster; a music CD now takes about 5 seconds for the whole thing.  I’m on a wired network FYI.  Other than that I haven’t noticed any real changes other than a couple new apps in the services menu. 

Also if you haven’t already try holding the power button down on the remote for a few seconds to get the hub to completely power off and see if that helps it re sync.

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Thanks for your reply!

The holding down the power works great - thanks for the tip!

What firmware version are you on right now?

I read that it’s not a good thing to roll back your firmware - is this true?

I’m running the latest firmware, 2.05.08 I think.  I’ve never had a reason to roll back the firmware so I’ve never tried it.  Thanks for the kudos btw.