A few issues so far

  1. It lets you enter a new admin password that is longer than 15 characters but only stores the first 15. So if you have changed the password and can’t log in, try only using the first 15 characters of the password you used.

  2. Only hold the reset button for 10 seconds, I swear I reset it 10 or so times holding it down for 20-30 seconds each time and it wouldn’t reset.

3. new update It doesn’t see my NAS drive, I can still get to it but it now doesn’t show up in my network list… NEW This is probably my NAS going sideways, I need to turn it off and on now for it to show up at all on the network. Anyone one else using a Lacie NAS with this router?
4. Streaming on the internal wired network and copying a large file over the wifi at the same time is flawless.

5. new update Plugged in a USB drive and moved 32 gig of data from 1GBs NAS to it at respectable speeds so I’m happy with that. On the down side I did have to reboot the router in order for the shared USB drive to show up on the network. Anyone else have this issue? (Masscool 2.5" SATA to 3.0 USB External Enclosure)

6. new update Have played a bunch of xbox CoD and not had any issues, other then I [Deleted] as usual, but the GF is still kicking [Deleted] so it’s probably me and not the QOS on the router.

Other. Router has lost it’s internet connection twice before upgrading to the new firmware, rebooting the router resolved the issue. This is a problem, one of the reasons I bought this new router was because I had the same issue with my old one. But on the old one I could run DD-WRT and it has a setting to reboot it on a schedule, this one doesn’t…

Thanks for the heads up

BTW can you confirm what model router you have

Sure can