A few basic questions


I recently bought a Synology 119j NAS installed with Toshiba 4TB NAS HDD. I found the Synology device to be extremely slow, e.g. when one task is running on the server, everything grinds to a halt. It is very bad especially when the indexing job kicks in, which seems to be the case every time after I upload a new object to the NAS.

My questions:

  1. Is WD My Cloud Home likely to be faster? I understand the hardware spec is better.

  2. How quiet is My Cloud Home? Despite having a NAS dedicated drive, my Synology unit was very loud and I could hear clicking and grinding noise everytime the HDD was accessed.

  3. Is the HDD in the My Cloud Home user replaceable?

  4. Is it possible to run apps such as Git Server and Tomcat on My Cloud Home as is the case with the Synology NAS?

Thanks in advance.