A definitive DTS-HD Master Audio answer requested

Having read through the available DTS-related topics, it remains singularly unclear as to whether  a DTS-HD Master Audio bitstream (not DTS 5.1 or downmixed DTS 2.0) is passed-through to a suitably equipped receiver either via HDMI or Toslink.

I stress that this question expressly relates to a DTS-HD Master Audio bitstream and not to DTS 5.1 or a downmix of the ‘core’ of the latter.

I realise that DTS decoding is not supported by WD but from the comments of previous threads, it is suggested that pass-through does indeed appear to be a viable possibility; and I am merely trying to establish - once and for all - whether _ DTS-HD Master Audio _ bitsream can be passed to a receiver.

Cheers, all.

No, it cannot.

Tony ran various tests a while ago.

Even though DTS downmixing is not supported, as you know, it does passthrough 5.1, as you acknowledge.

When the EP played one of Tony’s DTS MA files, it output the 5.1 DTS core, not the full MA signal (which you don’t want to hear about :wink:)

(Although it did output DTS ES PCM as DTS ES Discrete and DTS 96/24 as DTS 96/24).

It still does better than the Live Hub and the others, which output nothing from a MA signal, not even the 5.1 core.

Thanks for taking the time to answer.

Looks like I’m stuck with playing my Blu-ray’s off disc for a while longer yet.

The Hub will now output the DTS 5.1 core of a DTS-HD stream.

I can’t remember what FW update fixed that, but it was quite a while back  (after I ran those tests, apparently.)


Shows how closely I pay attention to the Live Hub section. :smileyvery-happy:

Thanks Tony.

Yeah, and I went back and double checked again just to make sure I’m not remembering a dream.  :)

Indeed, DTS-HD is output as DTS now.  :)

There is a way around dts hd ma - use clown BD - WHICH CONVERTS DTS HDMA TO 5.1 PCM, but I do not know if the hub can play 5.1 PCM but the asus hd2 can do this.

Here are instructions:

This is how you work around DTS HD MA


Download Clown BD:


For Clown BD you will also need
to have Java, EAC3to and TsMuxer downloaded and installed on your

This is how I do it:

  1. Rip bluray main movie with DTS HD MA
    audio to harddrive using Tsmuxer (mux as Blu-ray disc)

  2. Start Clown BD.
    The first time you will have to point it to tsmuxer and eac3to and setup some
    temp locations for muxing and saving. On the first screen check the box that
    says “Network Media Tank Audio Options”. When you load your bluray disc rip
    choose the playlist option (MPLS) and browse to the playlist file in your bluray
    folder (BDMV/PLAYLIST). Using the MPLS will keep original chapter

  3. On the second screen uncheck all the boxes except for LPCM under
    “output audio format”.  Under “Output video format” select blu-ray.

Click next and let it do it’s thing. In the end you will have a blu-ray file
with WAV multi channel LPCM. The resulting file will be about 2-4 gigs bigger
than the original (because to are uncompressing the audio), but you will have hd
muti-channel sound up to 7.1 sound.

I then use imgburm to create a ISO
file of the converted blu-ray for my internal oplay HDD.

To play this
file select HDMI Multi Channel LPCM instead of RAW in the Oplays audio

Try it! You won’t be disappointed the sound is fantastic, and
with DTS core you will only get 5.1 even if the movie is 7.1. With this method
you will get 7.1 if the movie has it.

Of course you need to have an amp
with HDMI and built in DST HD MA and Dolby True HD capabilities.