A cuustomized shlef for My Passport 2TB?

I’ve got three of My passport 2TB and two of 1TB(last generation). the problem is, I’m using laptops with very limited usb ports(2or3), and I’ve got all the devices like speakers, mouse, SD reader… a usb hub is not capable for external hard drive connection, neither in power nor speed.

Anyway, it comes to me if there is a little dock, base, or shlef…whatever you call. A little device I can just plug my passports onto it, with usb 3.0 hub inside of it.

I believe Freecom has made thing like this. I gotta say such device will make great convience, as I need mass storage( about 10TB), and I love the small body of 2.5’’ disk so much! (the size of My Book is just annoying for me)

Idea approved and submitted for voting.