A couple problems wiht my new My Book World Edition

I’ve done a ton of searching and documentation reviews but I just can’t figure this out.  I’m having two issues with my My Book.

  1. When I go to a folder from my PS3 they all show up and I can browse the folders/media files.  When I go to play one on the PS3 I get a message stating “The folder could not be accessed.  This content may have been deleted from the media server.”  I can’t figure out why this is happening.

  2. When I open a folder the songs are in alphabetical order as opposed to track order.  How can I change this setting?  I’d like in track order so when I listen to an album I hear it in the correct order.  

Any help on these would be GREAT.  Thanks!

OK, looks like both problems are sort of fixed.  Number fixed after a restart of the media server since I changed some files around.  Music is now playing.  

Issue 2 was due to viewing in Folder as opposed to album or artist.  Seems if you view by folder it orders the tracks in alphabetical order instead of track order.  This is a HUGE problem for me because I download a lot of audience recordings of concerts, that are LEGALLY tapes and shared, and many do not have the Album field populated.  So, when I browse by album it’s all messed up but when I find the actual album or concert I’m looking for it shows in track order.  I used to use the PS3 Media Server from my PC and it would show by folder and then track order, which is much better for me but the drive wasn’t big enough and my PC stinks so it was slow.  Also, the concerts were separated by year so that it was easier to browse, now 1000s come up in one folder and it’s a nightmare to navigate.

Is there any way of changing this or do I need to go through 1000s of concerts and populate the Album field in a standardized format?