A Cable For my new Passport Essential USB 3.0

Where can I purchase a USB 3.0 replacement cable for my new Passport Essential. Im based in Thailand at the moment, and bought my 2 new 500gb on the 19th Nov 2010.  I sent one to a Data Retrieval company to retrieve data from an old External HDD onto the new WD 500gb. Inadvertently

my USB 3.0 cable for the other 500gb was sent in the package. The items were picked up by a co-worker, and returned to the Management Office of my Apartment Complex. The package has now disappeared from that office. So I am left with the other 500gb external HDD, and no cable. I went back to where I purchased the 2 units, to buy a replacement cable. I was informed that there was no USB 3.0 cables available, as they have not been released for sale by WD. I received similar answers at 2 other large computer retail outlets. (**bleep**) This is Thailand, which if you have lived here, you will understand how the culture works here. Today I purchased another WD USB 3.0 External HDD, and can only hope that I will receive a reply advising When, Where or How I can buy a USB 3.0 replacement cable today, not next year. Thanks for your patience in reading my brief email. LOL.

Regards, Nightflyer.

Did you try contacting WD Support?


You can purchase it from the WD store here is the link


Thank yu for you reply.

WD in USA has resolved my problem with the empathy & effficency, which is a traite seldom shown these days by larger corporations, from their After Sale Support Group. A big KUDO and Thanks to bill_s the driver behind all this. WD, you have re-newed my faith in After Sales Support expectataions. THANK YOU TO ALL THE TEAM INVOLVED… Nightflyer.:wink::smileyvery-happy: