A bunch of problems with my 2T MyBookLive

… Ok, where do I start?

Early today I purchased a WD Live Book 2T and I’ve spent my whole evening trying to make it work. Currently:

I can see the unit “MyLiveBook” mounted through Finder and have access to it. But:

  1. I don’t see the unit “MyLiveBook-backup”, which is supposed to be to make Time Machine copies, mounted through Finder.
  2. In the same way, executing the settings of Time Machine itself I don’t see the right unit. I only see “MyLiveBook” and I get a error if I try to make the copies there.
  3. I’ve checked over and over again the “Time Machine backups” present in WD Quick View>System>Backup Settings and every single time it unchecks by itself for no reason. Sometimes I get a Server Error, sometimes I don’t.
  4. I thought try to restore to fabric but I’m unable to enter in WD Quick View>Utilities. I don’t get an error it simply doesn’t appear like a link.
  5. Constantly, I get errors from the server (32034, for ie) no matter what I’m tried to do: protect the device with a password, register it, … .
  6. Every single action in WD Quick View takes an eternity. Literally, I’ve readed like a 3 chapters of a book while I was trying to solve all this problems.

I have a MacBook Air with Mountain Lion and it access to WD Quick View through Safari with Java installed.

Seriously, I’m very disappointed and considering to take it back to the store and have a refund.

PS. Please, forgive any error. English is not my native language.

same problem

we need solution