A better setup to set up and stop the pain?

I have a WD TV Live connected to my Cisco wireless router via an ethernet cable and my MyBook Live 2TB connected by cable to the same router.

Anytime a cable is dislodged or I need to uplug the ethernet cable to the WD live for some reason I end up back to ground zero.  The Live doesn’t detect the drive, it needs to scan and even today it’s popping up a password request.  What’s the best way of setting up stuff so I don’t have to start from scratch each time this happens?

On the Live unit, I am using the media manager and I have each of the public folders on the MyBook live added - music, video and pictures. Added as Windows shares I believe.

In easch of the menu Items for - video, photos and music, I have the, say, I have added the relevant share.

It’s getting to the point now that when I switch on the unit there is some drama and no consistency of experience.  I don’t even fire it up when I have guests over for the fear of disappointing.

It would be great if WD could come out with simple guides for set up rather than their ambiguous manuals.  

In the meantime, can anybody suggest the best way of having a setup that stays constant without falling over everytime you switch it on.

i noticed people adding zillions of hard drives with zillions of files have problems. i’ve had both wdtvlive and wdtvlive SMP and connected my slave drive from my PC with a small archive folder and a new releases folder by eithernet and all is ok! **touches wood** lol