9 Digit in my devise

To whom it may concern.

I can’t find the 9 digit in my devise for My Cloud Home setup for mobile apps. Can help ?

Do you have a My Cloud or a My Cloud Home? They are not the same device.

The singe drive My Cloud looks like this:

The My Cloud Home looks like this:

The image you posted with the P/N # (WDBCTL0030HWT - 00) indicates you have a 3TB single drive My Cloud.

The single bay My Cloud does not use a 9 digit code.

Cannot Find 9 Digit Code for My Cloud Setup

Further it appears you have a first gen single bay My Cloud which does not support OS5 (this subform) see the OS3 subforum for the first gen single bay My Cloud.

OS3 My Cloud

The picture that you posted is a Single Bay My Cloud.
The -00 at the end of the PN means it is My Cloud OS3 with firmware 04.xx.xxx so you must use the My Cloud OS 3 mobile app.