8tb share space has all 4 drives showing failed

It seem that the entire array has been corrUpt. Is there any way to recover the data…there isn’t a specific drive to remove or rebuild so I suspect contoller or power glitch at house.

Volume showed degraded and then upon reboot showed all as failed drives.

Mine was doing an system software upgrade and hung up. Could not get into the web interface. Could not access foldershares. Interestingly I could access the Twonky page. This at least allowed me to access videos that were stored on it.

What I found as the easiest way to recover my data (at least for me) was to use Acronis and make back up files of the four drives. The backups were then restored onto an extra harddrive in my computer.

In order to get the drives to come back online, I had to low level format them. And then place in the box and allow it about 36 hours to rebuild.  Once rebuilt then transfer files back over. Obviously I lost all shares and rights information, but the version of system software I had didn’t work well with Active Directory and Server, so no big deal.

Good Luck !