8TB Purple Drive: Long startup time

Hello, I’m hoping that I can get some help with a number of Purple drives I purchased for a new project.

It seems that when these drives go idle, it takes over a minute for them to spin back up and start working.

To test this, i’ve placed two drives into a StarTech external USB SATADock. After some period of time the drive(s) will go idle, and spin down.

Once they have spun down (no spinning and no vibration) I will Launch the DataLifeGuard Diagnostics tool.

On the First launch (after ack’ing the license) a progress bar appears and the drive(s) start spinning up.
After the progress bar is done, only one of the two drives appears, and the one that does appear is marked with a red X.

Closing DataLifeGuard immediately (no refresh within the tool) and re-opening it again (and again ack’ing the license) again results in either no drives appearing or again one drive shown, but failed with the red X

On the third open attempt, both drives now appear, with green check marks.

The system I’m installing these drives into will idle the drives if there is no activity. However, once the drives are awakened, the OS will mark them bad, because I believe they are taking to long to spin up and ack, commands.

Does anyone have similar experience? Am I expecting too much from these drives?



To test internal drives with the WD DLG tool, I’ll recommend you to do that one at the time connecting the drive internally on a desktop computer.